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Viper V1 - Pro-52™ Neo Black Widow Magnets for Viper V1, BSRT G3-R & Tomy SG+ Cars

Pro-52™ Black Widow Neo Traction Magnets

for Viper V1™,  BSRT G3-R and Tomy Super G Plus

     One pair of magnets.  These are the real deal - Level 52 Neo.  Specifically made to fit  Viper V1™, BSRT G3-R chassis and Tomy Super G Plus cars.  These are sold as a serious hop-up part - you better have the right tires and tools to keep from frying your armature.   It is recommend that you run firm slip-on tires such as Super Tires in compound "B". 

     The traction magnet clip for a Tomy SG+ must be in good shape and hold the magnets tight.  For a Viper V1™ and BSRT Scale Auto G3 chassis, use the top shims. You can NOT run these in a BSRT flexible and medium chassis.  Only a stiff chassis should be used.

     Price is less than 1/2 per pair from the "G Guys".   Gauss measurments show the Pro-52s to be as strong or stronger than factory G parts.  These magnets will also fit into a Wizzard Storm car.


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