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HCS 912 Club Stock Pro-4™

BSRT G3 Race Car


All new parts car.  BSRT G3 flexible chassis. Triple tweaked endbell with diamond tool pre-seated motor brushes.  6 ohm factory armature.

HC Slots 'ceramic grade' Pro-4™ poly motor and traction magnets.   BSRT 7/23 gear set. HCS Pro-Trax™ o-ring front axle set. 

Pro-Trax™ rear axle and machined delrin double flanged hubs.  Super Tires "A" rear tires.     

Track tested and guaranteed to be Smokin' Fast™ !!   


Tomy Super G Plus
HOPRA Box Stock Class - 2
Specially 'massaged' Tomy Super G Plus for running HOPRA Box Stock Class.   All new parts car.  Selected early model black stiff chassis.  Endbell triple tweaked and the motor brushes diamond tool pre-seated. Armatures selected.  Motor magnets matched for strength and oriented for best downforce.
Higher Quality early production Gray Dot Traction Magnets.  HC Slots Pro-Trax™ double flanged rear rims and Super Tires .422 in "A" compound. Comes with hard body clip and rear axle retaining clip. Track tested.