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Viper Scale Racing - V1 Ceramic Pro Super Stock RTR 

Viper V1 Medium chassis with rear axle retaining pins. Independent front axle set.  Viper Pro-Trax guide pin. New Viper V1 endbell with reamed bushing.  Hot Stock 6 ohm dynamically balanced armature.  Matched Tomy motor magnets.  Matched Slottech traction magnets.  7/22 gears and Viper axle set.  Broken in and track tested.  Tire color and types my vary from photo.  Tire sizes selected for shop testing on a Bowman routed track - your needs may be different. 


Viper Scale Racing - V1 Pro10  3 Ohm RTR 

Viper V1 Medium chassis.  Viper Pro-Trax Razor o-ring front axle set.  Viper guide pin. Tweaked endbell with reamed bushing.  3 ohm dynamically balanced Green Wire armature with Pro Bushing.  Pro-10 motor & traction magnets.  7/23 gears.  Viper double flanged rear hubs with Super Tire "B".  Broken in and track tested.  

HOPRA Approved Chassis. 



Viper Scale Racing - V1 Pro-4  6 Ohm RTR 'Spec Stock'

All Viper parts car!  Viper V1 Medium chassis; Viper Razor o-ring front axle set; Viper guide pin; Viper tweaked endbell, pickup shoes, hangers and springs; Pro-4 motor & traction magnets; Pro-Trax 7/23 gears and double flanged rear hubs; Viper PST medium slip-on rear tires.  Mabuchi red wire armature.  Broken in and track tested.   

HOPRA Approved Chassis.